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Experience the transformative power of Tantra with our Crystal Candles Bundle of 9 Candles representing each planet.


Each candle comes with an natural essential oil rub-on bottle and wooden matt.


Dus Mahavidyas Mantra is shared by astrologer Mohnish for Tantrik Siddhis after getting the Tantra Candles


Handmade with 100% soy wax and natural essential oils, each candle is infused with a unique crystal to promote healing and positive energy.


This bundle includes 9 candles, each with its own intention and crystal, including Rose Quartz for love, Amethyst for spirituality, and Citrine for abundance.


Set the mood for meditation, relaxation, or manifestation with these beautiful and powerful candles. Elevate your spiritual practice and enhance your space with the Tantra Crystal Candles Bundle.


  • Sun Candle Infused with Rose Quartz/SunStone  - Scent: Rose/Cinnamon/ Eucalyptus


  • Moon Candle Infused with Moon Stone/Sea Shells - Scent: Gardenia/Jasmine/Sandalwood


  • Mars Candle Infused with Carnelion/Blood Stone Scent: Carnelion/Blood Stone


  • Venus Candle Infused with White Pine/Clear Quartz Scent: Rose/Violet/ Jasmine/Lily


  • Mercury Candle Infused with Green Fluonite
    Scent: Lavender/Sage/ Mint

  • Jupiter Candle Infused with Citrine
    Scent: Lemon/Sage/ Gingsen/Marigold


  • Saturn Candle Infused with Lapis Lazuli/Obsidin
    Scent: Rosemary


  • Rahu Candle Infused with Lapis Lazuli/Tiger Eye /Amethyst Scent: Sandalwood, Eucalyptus
  • Ketu Candle Infused with Tourmaline
    Scent: Sage/Basil/Wild ginger


The candles are designed by Astrologer and Tantrik Guru Mohnish Suri and is part of his tantric ritual and teachings of dus mahvidyas.


Tantra Crystal Candles Bundle 9 Pcs

  • All orders are final. No returns or exchange allowed.

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